At Nachiappan Foundation, we believe that getting a good education will unlock opportunities and unimagined freedom to those students we support and sponsor. Through scholarships and financial assistance, it is our goal and desire to see students being nurtured and bring about positive changes in their lives and create a better future for themselves and their families and pay-it-forward whenever they are able to do so.

The foundation provides financial assistance and subsidies for education at the primary, secondary, tertiary and university levels (graduate and post-graduate) and also for any professional qualifications and diplomas.


23 August 2013 in Chennai

Address of the foundation

NO.7 Abhishek Apartments
2/37 Gangai Street
Besant Nagar
Chennai 600090
Tamil Nadu

Nature of the Foundation
and work

It is a non-profit public charitable trust and the activities are intended to be carried out in India only.

The benefits of the foundation will accrue to the public at large and not to any specific community, caste or creed.

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