A world of
possibilities starts
with education

The trustees of the Nachiappan Foundation Trust (NFT) encourage our benefactors to join us in our mission of empowering dreams and changing lives of young, deserving, disadvantaged students with little to no financial means. We believe that educating children who are the first in their family to go to college will lead to a generational change and align with our motto, “Pay it forward”.
Your generous contribution will be acknowledged in the List of Donors on our site and with a minimum donation of Rs. 2 lakhs, an educational scholarship will be named in your honor or in any person you wish to honor or in the name of an organization.

As stewards of the Trust, we are committed to transparency and accountability. All of the monies received are solely used to fund the education of underprivileged students. Trustees volunteer their time and by its charter are not permitted to be compensated in any manner from the Trust funds. 

Nachiappan Foundation Trust has a PAN registration number AABTN8513E. It was registered with the sub-registrar’s office in Chennai on 23 August 2013. Income under the foundation is exempted from tax as per the certificate issued by the commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai. The registration certificate under section 12 AA of the income tax act was received from the director of income tax (Exemptions) Chennai, under reference number DIT (E) No.2 (427) 13-14 SL No. 396/13-14 dated 28.03.2014.

The funds received in the corpus of the foundation has been placed in several fixed deposits and the income accruing from these deposits are used to fund the students on an ongoing basis.

Funding of the corpus
of the foundation
  • The initial corpus of the foundation at inception in 2013 was Rs 41 lakhs
  • The corpus as of 31 March 2024 stands at Rs 73,05,008
  • The contributions thus far (30 April 2024) are only from the trustees and family descendants of late R. Nachiappan
  • Contribution from well-meaning sponsors to whom the cause of education resonates are also welcome to contribute


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List of Donors
1Clasticon Solutions PVT. LTD.INR 40,000.0004/06/2024